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As a leading magazine dedicated to the development of cosmetics and personal care industry, happi China has served Chinese manufacturers and retailers for 15 years. With strong editorial cooperation with happi, Beauty Packaging in the United States and a team of expert domestic editorial consultants, we provide latest reports of R&D Facture innovative technologies, raw material production, market trends, packaging information, contract manufacturing services, etc. All contents are released simultaneously on China App( ) personal Care website, biweekly, e-newsletter, e-magazine, WeChat Subscription account and other media channels.

In this digital age, to help customers communicate their information more comprehensively to a targeted user base, China App also offer a variety of customized digital marketing solutions, including webinars, banners, videos, live broadcasts, etc. If you are looking to grow your market – contact us and we will provide you with best solutions on the market.

To meet the dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices to access information, all digital products and content have been designed to adjust to the screen size of the mobile or device being used, so that users can access, search and view both paid and editorial content clearly and with maximum impact. happi China magazine digital editions enable easy viewing on smart phones as well as tablets.


Your most effective connection through a variety of Happi China multiple solutions. Promote your company and show your product’s strength Directly to Your Target Buyers. 

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