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Mobile Short Message Marketing Service(SMS)

Send text messages about your latest product or company news directly to your target clients\' cell phones!

Why choose Ringier\'s Short Message Marketing Service?

Reach target buyers with Ringier\'s qualified reader database covering 18 industries in China. You can customize your mobile campaign by industry type, geographical location and job title. Deliver targeted messages to the decision makers in your industry at a powerful moment. Just-in-time reading: Your messages will be read the moment they are sent to potential buyers. No delay! Clutter-free: It\'s all about you! There are no other ads to compete with. Reach an audience beyond office hours, 24/7.

Ringier can help you effectively use SMS:

With Ringier\'s brand-new SMS service, you can keep your targeted clients informed of your latest information: 
New product, offering, services, solutions, launches etc. Press releasePR events / trade show invitation Company announcement Use SMS to create a poll, opinion surveys, do marketing research and get your buyers\' feedback.

How does it work?

Set up the sending criteria to select your targeted buyers. You can choose by industry, job title, company scale, geographic area etc. Edit your own text (max. 70 Chinese characters) Send your short messages from Ringier\'s system to a broad database.

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