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Social Media Marketing

Let us work together to present a creative and innovative way to interact with potential customers via our social media followers. In addition, we publish important information such as important news about your company, trade show information, new products, technology solutions, etc. to reach more potential customers.

About Packages:

l Specialized audiences across +18 industries and expertise in multi channels (website + emails + social media)
l Digital packages for effective communication– use our specialized multi-channel offer, to reach your audience
l Support to select suitable reader channels and time– we coordinate your campaign through multiple channels in a way that your targeted audience finds you
l More visibility – multi channel communication with bonus text links offered in the packages
l Measurable : Free additional leads(Name, Position, Company Name, Company Name, Phone Number, Fax Number, Mobile)- Gostats Multichannel reporting for Website Ads (banner or article)

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