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Direct E-mail Blast

─ Your message always on target! ─

Count on Ringier's Direct Email Service to target your key prospects for your marketing campaigns, events, research, and custom projects.

- Right Targeting

Focus your online marketing efforts to a highly targeted  group of potential customers.
Selection by Region, Country, Industry, Job Function,
Company Type.
- Flexibility
Choose your timing down to the hour ; test A/B splits -  alternate messages, subject matters etc.
- Extensive Quality Database
With a database of over 485,000 quality readers engaged in manufacturing in China, Asia, and the Middle East.
- Generating Awareness and Leads
· Leads Report available within a week (3-5 days).
· Segmentation of your leads by interest (by clicked links on your Direct E-mail Blast).
· A second follow-up email will be sent* to all recipients  who have read or clicked on the first Direct E-mail Blast.

· Detailed summary report- The summary report includes the number of Direct E-mail  Blast being sent, number of successful Emails, successful  rate, open rate, click details, recipient's name, title, company and contact details.

* E-mail template and subject to be provided by Client.

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