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What is webinar?

Webinar live broadcast, also known as online seminar live broadcast, is a use of streaming media technology that can integrate slide, audio or video files in one. It can present enterprise’s desired promotion information through multiple dimension, thus ensuring the richness and comprehensiveness of the demonstration.
Webinar live broadcast also includes many real-time interactive tools (voting, chatting, question and answer) to facilitate participants to ask questions and express their opinions in a timely manner.
For marketers and trainers, they can make full use of the interactive way to conduct effective marketing communication and training and to draw more potential clients.

Webinars can be used for
1.Exploit new high-quality sales resources
2.Consolidate brand image
3.Introduce new product
4.Introduce new technology or application
5.Tutorial for clients or sales and agents training
6.Launch event or press conference

Cross-platform, cross-industry — Ringier digital media matrix
Through Ringier integrated digital media platform, we will promote your product story in multiple dimensions. In addition to classic digital media, Ringier has WeChat subscription accounts and industry groups covering the following industries: Metalworking, Plastics, Personal Care, Medical equipment, Pumps, Coatings, Nonwovens,  Food & Beverage, Restaurateur, Lasers, Sensors, Pharmaceutical and Automotive!

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