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Industry E-newsletter Advertising

Drive New Buyers to your website and Generate quality  sales leads with iConnect industry e-Newsletters

- iConnect e-Newsletter is an effective way to provide real and valuable information to target audience. It can be used  to highlight company news, technology, products and solutions you love to apply. It is also a great way to connect  you and buyers who don’t visit your website or follow your social media accounts, to keep them informed of what  they missed.
- Marketing your business to new and existing clients through regular monthly iConnect e-newsletters can be an  effective component of your business online marketing strategy. The new rules of marketing focus on both branding  and building a long-term relationship with customers. Regularly reaching out to customers through a iConnect  e-Newsletter helps build that relationship and generate good sales leads.
- The e-Newsletter focuses on providing the best quality content in an attractively packaged e-Newsletter that your
target audience actually look forward to receiving and reading.
- Business development: Get business opportunities through Ringier leads report.

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Magazine E-newsletter Advertising

Sponsor ads in Ringier's Magazine E-newsletter to target your clients!

- Each Ringier magazine has its E-newsletter which is sent to target readers directly through targeted emails. You can create  brand recognition and generate traffic to your site or showroom when you use animated or static ads on the E-newsletters.

- Each E-newsletter is sent out every 2 weeks on average, giving you flexibility for your campaigns.
- Each Ringier magazine E-newsletter includes:
・Up-to-date trade show reports
・The latest industry news, product reviews
・Summary of articles from the most recent magazine issue
・Related white papers
・Supplier company information which links to their online supplier website page at industrysourcing.
- Business development: Get business opportunities through Ringier leads report.

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Tradeshow E-newsletter Advertising

Sponsor Ringier Special Tradeshow E-newsletter - Boost Your  Business at the most important tradeshows of the year

- Daily tradeshow information for decision makers
・ Each Tradeshow E-newsletter will highlight new technologies and products that will be displayed during the tradeshow and will  contain the latest show news each day.
・Each Tradeshow E-newsletter will reach decision makers in the industry and links to the tradeshow Mini Site in www
・Sponsor ads in our Tradeshow E-newsletter. Your ads will link to your Online Product Showrooms or other websites
・Drive traffic to your site, inform your customers of your latest products
・Tradeshow E-newsletters are MOBILE FRIENDLY for viewers on Android mobile devices and iPhone/ iPad
- Business development: Get business opportunities through Ringier leads report.
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Customized E-newsletter

Present your company's capabilities, developments with a customized E-newsletter!

Keep your targeted audience informed  of your latest information:

・Top News Stories
・White Papers
・Press Releases
・Product & Company Announcements
・Trade show schedule

Your customized E-newsletters can target  your buyers directly through emails.
Select f rom 800, 000 qualit y readers engaged in  manufacturing in China, Asia, the Middle East and Africa,  across 19 key industries. Ringier ’s reader list rental  service provides an easy and cost-efficient communication  channel for advertisers.
Set up the sending criteria to select your targeted buyers,  audience. You can choose by industry, job title, company  scale, geographic area etc.
Summary Report:
The summary report includes the number of E-newsletters  being sent, number of successful E-mails, successful rate  and open rate.
Leads Report:
The information in the report includes recipient’s name,  title, company and contact details of those who clicked on  your mailing, which will provide you all the information that  you need for effective follow up.
A second-follow up email will be automatically sent to all  recipients who have opened, viewed or clicked on the first  EDM thus reinforcing your promotion and moving potential  sales leads further along the sales funnel! A second  report offers client information of those who clicked on the  mailing.

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