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Now in its 23rd year serving the industry, FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal has earned the trust of thousands of decision makers across Asia Pacific, connecting suppliers through an enhanced multimedia platform. Published six times a year, the magazine delivers information on product developments, technology, industry expert analyses, trade events, and key issues relating to ingredients and additives, packaging, processing, supply chain management, automation, and food safety.

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal has a dedicated online vertical ( with daily updates, social media and mobile Apps with video links on iTunes and Google Play and 18 e-newsletters to make content easy to access.

The F&B consumer

Growing awareness on the risks of consuming heavily processed foods is leading many consumers to rethink their choices and eating habits. Now, it is no longer just about keeping lifestyle diseases at bay, but also protecting oneself from new and emerging diseases. Recent times have made the “food as medicine” concept – consuming whole and natural foods over processed foods – even more popular. And so in this competitive industry, F&B manufacturers need to re-assess formulations and processing techniques, with the purpose of creating acceptably healthy and nutritious products.

When it comes to packaging, a McKinsey survey shows that consumers in Asia are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. It is imperative for companies to switch to food-grade recycled materials, compostable plastic films, fiber-based and other recyclable materials, and consider recycling technologies and practices that complement their needs. This as the food industry’s impact on the environment continues to be in the spotlight as major issues such as by-products and packaging waste pollution have yet to be resolved on a global scale.



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