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Intelligent Manufacturing News

After years of development and accumulation, the industrial manufacturing market is now in a stage of automation, digitization connecting and smart technologies. Intelligent Manufacturing News, focused on the reconstruction and upgrading of industrial manufacturing and enabling the coordinated development of upstream and downstream  Industrial chains. 

It is committed to creating a required publication for decision makers who want to move to an intelligent connected. With printed magazines and electronic editions (APP - industrysourcing), Intelligent Manufacturing News will comprehensively report the most advanced intelligent manufacturing technology and application cases worldwide, providing many cases for reference and focus on sensor technology, machine vision technology, connector, technology, industrial robots, industrial IoT technology, system integration and other information which are related to intelligent manufacturing around China's manufacturing industry and building a favorable platform for purchasing managers and suppliers in China.

Let us take you General Industry 4.0 to the new era of automation, digitization and human-computer interaction!


E-Newsletters including Industrial Robotics, Motion Control, Sensors Design & Applications, Automation in Food & Beverage.


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