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China Industrial Reporter

For almost 20 years China Industrial Reporter has been the source for latest industrial products, information about innovative technologies & services and complete contacts to highest quality suppliers through our print magazine and digital channels.

Now, we are the first to recognize the market revolution. Welcome to the new, Smart China Industrial Reporter! Let us be your guide in the new age of automation.

Every issue, in print and on each of our many digital channels, will focus on connecting manufacturers and suppliers. Our goal is to offer you insightful information about development of the industrial machine sectors. What kind of sensors, connectors, programs, and interface can make your machine faster, more cost-effective, more accurate and smarter. And what kind of technologies and solutions to implement in your factory – would it be inventory management systems, online flexible employee shift schedule programs, light-managing sensors within your factory or remote preventive maintenance – all the things, that can make it smarter, reduce costs and improve working efficiency.


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