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Intelligent Manufacturing News

After years of development and accumulation, the industrial manufacturing market is now moving towards a new stage of automation, digitization and smart technologies. Going along with the tide of market development, Ringier Trade Media launches the Intelligent Manufacturing News in 2021, focusing on the reconstruction and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing in the global scope and enabling the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. It is committed to creating a required publication for enterprise decision makers being keen on intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

The new Intelligent Manufacturing News will keep on focus on high-end manufacturing technology such as IT technology, advanced manufacturing technology, and automation technology, which shows the exquisite operation principles of intelligent products, intelligent equipment, and intelligent production line solutions, etc.  Intelligent Manufacturing News will also make tracking reports on technologies and applications of smart workshops, intelligent factory, smart logistics and supply chain systems of leading companies worldwide, and give a comprehensive display of the latest developments of smart manufacturing through multimedia platform. 

Please note that the content of China Industrial Report launched by Ringier Trade Media since 1999 will also be incorporated into the Intelligent Manufacturing News from 2021, since diversified industrial products, including industrial equipment, motors, accessories, are also an important part of the development of intelligent manufacturing.


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