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Coatings and Ink China (ICN), in a strategic editorial partnership with Coatings World and Ink World of the US and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, has been the leading media for China coatings and ink industry for the past 18 years. Providing an interactive platform for our readers, Coatings and Ink China is not only able to provide in-depth coverage ranging from latest R&D to emerging market trends, updates on technology, application, as well as raw material, but also presents its comprehensive content through multimedia. These include e-magazines, fully interactive magazine Apps including video links on iTunes, Wandoujia APP store, 360 APP and Google Play, and a Coatings and Ink website and WeChat subscription account in Chinese with daily updates and online exclusives, and bi-weekly e-newsletters. With such current, informative and attractive content in both digital and printed forms, Coatings and Ink China offers the most effective communication package for application, machinery, and raw material suppliers to the makers of coatings and ink products in China.



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