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Industrial Laser News for China

"Industrial Laser News for China” magazine has a team of authoritative Chinese and global editorial consultants, including well-known experts and corporate executives in the Chinese laser industry, as well as an editorial partnership with Novus Light, a global optical information service provider.

"Industrial Laser News for China” provides readers with the latest information about advanced laser technology and cutting-edge applications through printed magazines, mobile applications and digital electronic magazines, showing how industrial lasers promote product manufacturing and technology transfer around the world. In addition, the magazine also provides practical solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, and transform innovation into a real competitive advantage.

"Industrial Laser News for China” magazine and electronic newsletter provide system integrators and laser manufacturers with timely industry information. Magazines, electronic newsletters and websites serve the entire laser processing industry chain-from optical components to system assembly to industrial applications. Each issue of the e-newsletter will include Laser System Integration and Assembly Updates, Additive Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, and Industrial Robotics.

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