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International Metalworking News for Asia

International Metalworking News for Asia (IMNA) print magazines, digital e-magazines, and fully interactive magazine Apps with video links on iTunes and Google Play facilitate technology transfer by providing readers with industry news and trends. For over 15 years, IMNA has been providing readers in Asia practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages to advance their operations.

These readers depend on IMNA for detailed technical information for real-world applications Metal Cutting, Lasers, Tooling & Workholding, Software & Control, Metrology, Welding and Metal Forming & Fabrication that can help them develop their business planning and strategies, product quality, process stability, equipment reliability, operator safety and business profitability, as they take advantage of the emerging opportunities from the Asia region.

Our editorial partners include Ringier’s family of Metalworking magazines covering the Greater China and a team of authoritative editorial advisors throughout South East Asia.

For suppliers, International Metalworking News for Asia is an effective multimedia platform which provides the latest information on their products and services. Through a dedicated metalworking vertical, the industry community can find daily news updates and exclusive online features, videos and reports on major industry events – including live updates from trade shows as they happen – to keep the industry stay informed. Bi-weekly E-newsletters Auto Manufacturing- Metalworking, Metal Cutting, and Smart Factory featuring headline industry news, trade show coverage, and analysis and market reports keep you linked to the industry with your latest company information. Content Marketing-"soft" advertising that tells your company's story- positions you as industry thought leaders, demonstrates your products technical capabilities through text, video in print, online&


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