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Shanghai Ringier Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiary of  Ringier Trade Media Ltd. Ringier Trade Media Ltd. has been a leading B2B industrial information provider for 15 years, providing industrial leaders in China, Asia, the Middle East and Africa with the technical information, solutions and applications they need to improve their manufacturing and marketing capability through multiple media platforms that cover print (industry trade journals), online (, events, digital marketing, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. With award winning editorial content, Ringier Trade Media publishes 21 industry trade journals. The company has been successfully linking buyers and suppliers in China, Asia, the Middle East and the rest of the world for the mutual benefits of all parties.

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Ringier Conference cover the industries of plastics, food, personal care, medicine & health care, nonwovens, coating & ink, automobile, metal, mold & die, package, composite material, and other latest technologies. We organize high level conferences aimed at bringing industry leaders together for information exchange and networking opportunities. Conferences organized by Ringier not only provide industry leaders with the latest technologies, but also help them explore new market opportunities.

  2018 Ringier Events Schedule   

∎01 Plastics & Rubber Processing Technology and Innovative Materials Application Summit & Expo 2018 (Mar. 07-08, Shanghai)
─ Automobiles, Consumer Electronics, Medical Products, Pipes & Construction Materials, Make Your Machine Smart for I4.0 application, Packaging, Maternal, Child and Baby ─

∎02 Milton's customized seminar (Mar. 16, Shanghai)
─In Conjunction with:Milton─

∎03 ASEAN Automotive & Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing Summit 2018 (Apr. 17-18, HCM, Vietnam)

∎04 Innovative · Precise · Internet: Smart Manufacturing Technology and Application Conference (Apr. 17-18, Shenzhen)
─ Foxconn Insights─

∎05 High Performance Machining Technology Conference 2018 (Apr. 17-18, Shenzhen)
─Precision Machining, Intelligent Automation, Laser Processing─

∎06 China Coatings Summit & Expo 2018 (May.16-17, Shanghai)
─ Architectural Coatings, Wood Coatings, Anti-Corrosive Coatings, Auto Coatings, Smart Functional Coatings, Painting Technology ─

∎07 Green Ink and Printing Technology Conference 2018 (May.16-17, Shanghai)

∎08 Personal Care Technology Summit & Expo 2018 (Jun. 28-29, Shanghai)
─Regulatory & Testing Track, Sun Care,Whitening and Anti-allergic Track, Latest Processing Technologies Track, Hair Care Track, Color cosmetics & Digital Marketing (Ecommerce) Track, Innovative Packaging Track, Pregnant and Baby Care Track─

∎09 Die Casting Molds manufacturing summit 2018 (July 18, Shanghai)

∎10 Innovative Materials and Technology In Home Appliance Industry Summit 2018 (Jul. 26-27, Qingdao)

∎11 Implantable & Interventional & In-Vitro Diagnostic Technology Summit 2018 (Aug. 2-3, Qingdao )

∎12 Composite Materials Innovative Application Conference 2018 (Aug. 9-10, Shanghai)

∎13 China Food & Beverage Manufacturing Summit & Expo 2018 (Aug. 23-24, Guangzhou)
─ Nutritional Food and Dietary Supplement, Nutritional Food, Functional Beverage, Innovative Packaging, Latest Processing Technologies, Food for Special Medical Purposes ─

∎14 ASIA Food and Beverage Summit 2018 (Sept. 4-5, Jakarta, Indonesia)

∎15 ASIA Plastics Processing Technology and Innovative Materials Summit 2018 (Sept. 6-7, Jakarta, Indonesia)

∎16 New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Conference 2018 (Sept. 11-12, Shenzhen)

∎17 Innovative Coatings Summit 2018 (Sept.13-14, Guangzhou)
─Waterborne Coatings, Smart Functional Coatings─

∎18 Nonwovens Technology Innovative Application Conference 2018 (Sept.18-19, Qingdao)

∎19 Innovative Laser Application Summit 2018 (Oct.18-19, Shanghai)

∎20 Innovative Plastics Compounding and Masterbatch Technology Conference 2018 (Oct. 25-26, Shanghai)

∎21 Global Smart Factory Summit 2018 (Oct. 30, Shanghai)
─Concurrent Event: ROI - Industry 4.0 Award China─

∎22 Personal Care Technology Summit 2018 (Nov. 8-9, Guangzhou)
─Sun Care & Whitening, Anti-allergic, Moisturizing & Antiwrinkle, Anti-pollution, Packaging Trend─

∎23 Plastics Applications in Food & Beverage Packaging Summit 2018 (Nov. 12-13, Manila, Philippines)

∎24 Food & Beverage Manufacturing Summit 2018 (Nov.21-22, Shanghai)

∎25 Engine Components New Technology Manufacturing Summit 2018 (Nov.29-30, Suzhou)
─Metalworking seesion, Plastics session─

∎26 ASEAN 2-wheelers: Manufacturing and Sustainability Summit 2018 (December, Jakarta, Indonesia)

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