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Since 2007, Restaurateur has provided an interactive platform for our readers – the decision makers in the HORECA industry, and over the past 5 years has established itself as the leading media serving the China’s HORECA industry. Restaurateur provides in-depth coverage of the latest information in emerging market trends, updates on recipes, equipment, technology, as well as design and management by multimedia platform.

The intelligent catering industry continues to pick up the pace, and has gone from post-cooking, operation and promotion to all aspects of supply chain and marketing. To following the trends, starting from this year, Restaurateur will present more content in a broader, richer and smarter multimedia format. This includes the HORECA website, monthly e-newsletter, RingierRestaurateur WeChat account and video interactive APP for Google players and i-tunes. Amongst them, the "content marketing" media solution launched for catering industry suppliers will also bring unprecedented new ideas for marketing.

In addition, through offline activities with different themes, forms and carriers, we successfully link the upstream and downstream of the HORECA industry, providing excellent opportunities for suppliers and HORECA op
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