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Contextual Advertising Solution

What is contextual banner advertising?

Where as banners are normally placed in a fixed position on a fixed page for a  specific time period, Contextual banner placement is based on achieving a pre  determined number of targeted page views from visitors who have an interest  in a given subject.
Banner are placed on multiple pages through the site that contain content  that is relevant to your company's product or technology. This ensures that  people who view your banner have an active interest in your industry – thus  increasing the likelihood of clicks on your banner.
There is no fixed time frame that your banner remains on the site – it is  determined by how quickly the agreed to number of views is achieved.

Key Advantages
√ A minimum of 20,000 Page Views guaranteed
Your banner will remain on the site until such time the agreed to  number of views has been achieved. When the target is close to  being achieved your sales representative will advise you, and check if  you wish to order additional views.
√ Relevant positioning – Select your targeted audience  by industry type
At the time of booking you will be advised as to how many pages  are available.
√  Your banner will appear in specific content categories -  News, Products and Suppliers.
These page types are some of the most highly visited pages as they  have rich content that is relevant to the visitors information needs.
√ Business development: Get business opportunities
through Ringier leads report.

(Note vertical home page or main home page is not available for contextual banner placement)

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