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Ringier Industrysourcing Application

The industry sourcing App is the extension of the industry sourcing web platform. It meets  all your needs by covering 18 industries news with product and supplier information.

*Industrysourcing App (iOS+Android) 98,000 downloads (until October, 2018)

More personalized to the user needs
Selection of industries for News, Magazines, Events and Showroom pages.  The User can SELECT his industries and get the information he needs.

More convenient
ONE calendar with ALL the events: Conference, Tradeshow, Innovation Award and  Webinar. The events can be saved by the user on his personal agenda.

Search options adapted to the user
User can search ALL KINDs OF INFORMATION about the Suppliers: by Supplier,
Product or Video.

Latest news in real time

Display updated and fresh content every day

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